Welcome to ContaKids Cards!
We’re so excited to introduce you to our fun and interactive movement card game for families.
With 29 engaging movement and task cards, ContaKids Cards is perfect for children aged 3-6 and their parents/carers  to play together.

Our game is designed to help families log off, move, play, connect, and be completely present with each other.

The game is based on ContaKidsa playful movement practice for children and parents where both take an active role.

Our set of 29 engaging movement and task cards feature cute and playful illustrations that act as a step-by-step guide, walking families through unique ContaKids moves.

It’s easy and intuitive to use, with exercises that range from relaxed Low on the Floor to more challenging activities such as those High in the Air … and everything in between.

Whether you want a 10 or 30-minute session, the game is great for use indoors and outdoors, and requires no props.

ContaKids Cards is designed for everyone.

No previous experience in sports or dance is needed to move and have fun together. Though if you are an experienced mover, ContaKids Cards will bring you a new level of inspiration.


ContaKids Cards is a daily reminder to be present, spend quality time together, and connect as a family. It makes it easy for parents and children to play together. To discover physical possibilities and build mutual trust. The game rekindles a sense of touch and helps to develop a child’s motor skills.


ContaKids Cards founder Justina Brazaitė had been running ContaKids classes in both Norway and Lithuania, when she realised something was missing: a tool that would help families log off, move, play, connect, and be completely present with each other. Something that would let families easily create those precious moments both in and out of ContaKids classes.

So.. Justina hooked up with Itay Yatuv, ContaKids founder, and Sam Baum, a designer and fellow ContaKids teacher. And, together with Sam’s brother, an illustrator Josh Baum, they have developed ContaKids Cards!.

And we got 150% funded on Kickstarter!!!!

OUR AIM is to spread positivity, playfulness, movement and connection all around the world! And we do so in an ethical and playful way, always thinking about quality and sustainability.

Josh Baum Illustrator

Sam Baum Design, Co-Founder

Itay Yatuv Co-Founder

Justina Brazaite Founder, Project Manager

If you have any questions, want to say hello, would like to work with us or order ContaKids Cards decks, please send us an email to
To save energy and make it more sustainable, at the moment we only take orders starting at 6 decks or you can find us at live events 😉


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